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At Atomic Exercise Physiology our accredited exercise physiologists use evidence based research to provide a wide range of services to help you reach your desired goals. We offer personalised exercise programs to assist in injury rehabilitation and chronic disease management and our strength and conditioning programs are tailored to your individuals goals and designed to help you achieve them in a simple and efficient manner.


Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to help you achieve the more active life style you desire, while creating a safe and friendly environment for you to exercise in.

Exercise Physiology sessions can be covered by public health schemes and private health care. 

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Workout with Skipping Rope
Gym Workout

Chronic disease management

Manage your chronic disease with a personalised exercise program designed to improve your quality of life.





Cardiovascular disease

Injury rehabilitation

Return to full function with a safe and effective exercise intervention for those who need help with injuries and rehabilitation. 

Spine, neck & Back

Shoulder & Elbow

Hip & Groin


ankle & Foot

Strength & Conditioning

Be the best version of yourself with a custom exercise program tailored to help you achieve your goals in a simple and efficient way. 

Build lean muscle

Decrease body fat


Build cardio vascular fitness


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